Bringing Hope to the Hopeless and a Voice to Those With no Voice

Rotary Nepal Project

What is the Nepal Project?

From the inception, profits from New Creations Contracting have been dedicated to reaching out to the poor of the world. In the early years, Eric Luedtke, founder of New Creations worked and supported faith-based missions work in Mexico. In the years that followed, profits from New Creations and PRIMSA have been used in Africa, Eastern Europe, Kosovo, Mexico, India, Russia, Spain, Thailand, and Vietnam. Eric’s work in these countries has always been focused on providing education, financial support, vocational training and spiritual hope to women and children.

In 1995 Eric was invited to travel to India and Nepal to explore new possibilities of reaching the poorest of Asia. During this and following trips, it became obvious to Eric, his new focus would be in Nepal, to help rescue children from slavery and women from sex slavery.

Eric has traveled sometimes twice every year to Nepal ever since. These travels have taken him into the remote high villages of the Himalayan Mountains as wells as most of the lower regions of Nepal.

His focus is to provide free education to poor / low caste / slave children, micro-financing and vocational training to the parents and women rescued from the sex slave trade. This initiate is giving them a voice in their future and a means to escape the slavery of society they would have otherwise been a prisoner to for life.

About the Rotary + Nepal Mission

In 2001, Eric became a Charter Member of the Rotary Club of Mahomet, Illinois. Rotary International is the world’s oldest and largest service organization. Rotary was founded in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois by Paul Harris and several other businessmen. From the very beginning, service was the goal of this group. Initially, Rotary concentrated on community service projects. However, the organization soon became called Rotary International as it grew into the four corners of the earth.

Although Rotary is always working in community service, eventually, the primary focus of Rotary was to reach the poor of the world. The Mahomet Rotary Nepal Project has already impacted the lives of over 5,000 children and adults. Since 2001, more than 100,000 Nepali people will benefit from the efforts of Rotarians from Mahomet Illinois, Rotary club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal, and countless private contributors around the world. The culture of sex and child slavery is truly being reduced through these efforts!

In 2004, Eric became President of Mahomet Rotary and led the Club into a “Sister Club Relationship” with the Rotary Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu Nepal. This new partnership’s single focus is to obtain grants through The Rotary Foundation in order to provide education, clean water, medical treatment, vocational training and micro-financing to the poorest and enslaved women and children of Nepal.

2018 marks the largest grant of $60,000 that Eric and Mahomet Rotary have obtained for the people of Nepal. All of our grants are designed to fund schools, vocational training, clean drinking water and micro-financing for children at risk to be sold into slavery, low caste families and women rescued from sex slavery.

The History of the Nepal Project

The history of the Mahomet Nepal Project dates back to 1995 when Eric Luedtke traveled to Nepal with 3 other men from a faith-based missionary group. The purpose of this trip was to meet with local Nepali Church Leaders and investigate what needs could be filled with the help of volunteers and finances from the USA.

As a result of this and subsequent trips, an outreach to slave children, women rescued from the sex slave trade and their children was established under the name of Guardian Village. Guardian Village is a faith-based Christian Mission that is completely run by local Nepali with the assistance of missionaries from the USA.

The Goal of Guardian Village

The goal of Guardian Village is to provide low and no caste women rescued from prostitution, their children and children rescued from labor slavery the following:
A safe haven to live.
Free education to children.
Vocational training to mothers and children.
A voice in their life and future.
Hope and change for the poorest and abused of Nepal.
In 2001 Mahomet Rotary was chartered. Two years later, as President-Elect of Mahomet Rotary, Eric returned to Nepal. The purpose of this trip was to research ways that the Rotary Club of Mahomet could develop an International Service Project supporting the needs of slave children and women rescued from sexual slavery.

During this trip, a relationship was formed with the Rotary Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal. The following year, Eric led a group of Rotarians from Mahomet to Nepal through an Individual “Travel” Grant from The Rotary Foundation. The team was composed of Eric, Rich Lake, and Bob Quinlan.

Major Goals of our Trips:

1. Establish a “Sister Club” Agreement with Dillibazar Rotary.
2. Finalize the details for a Matching Grant for CDS schools for slave children.
3. Research future projects.
In 2008, the first Mahomet Rotary Nepal Project, Rotary Foundation Matching Grant was approved and implemented through the supervision of Dillibazar Rotary for CDS (Child Development Society) to provide all the educational materials for the schools for a period of 18 months. This Grant, in the amount of approximately $15,000 paid for books, computers, toilets, kitchen supplies, day meals, uniforms, desks, chairs, kitchen equipment, student paper supplies, library shelves and books. This Grant benefited over 1,000 individuals. Funds for this project were raised by Mahomet Rotary through various Club Projects, however, one of the best known projects was the sale of Nepali Jewelry made by the women rescued from the sex slave trade. These women make this jewelry in order to support themselves and the work of Guardian Village.

In addition, Eric travels around the Unites States and Europe, speaking about the Project and the needs of the People of Nepal. As a result, over 15 different Rotary Districts and other organizations have partnered with Mahomet Rotary in the first Grant. Eric returns to Nepal to research the next project for a Grant.

The original goal of the Mahomet Rotary Nepal Project was to help rescue children from slavery and provide them education. However, the Rotary Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal’s goal is to prevent child and sex slavery through their model of providing micro-financing and free education to families with children at risk to be sold into slavery. This new model would now become Mahomet Rotary’s new goal as well. Since 2006, Rotary Club of Dillibazar, Kathmandu, Nepal has been virtually 100% successful in preventing new cases of slavery in the families that are being served.

The Proceeds of This Grant Provided the Following

The proceeds of this grand provided the following for 15 schools throughout Nepal:

  1. FREE education fees for children
  2. Text books
  3. Desks / chairs
  4. School Uniforms
  5. Day meals
  6. Kitchen equipment
  7. Seven computers
  8. All school children’s stationery
  9. Teacher training for all schools
  10. First aid kits
  11. Libraries
  12. Micro-financing for mothers
  13. Vocational training for mothers

As with the first Grant, Nepali Jewelry was sold. Eric also continued to travel around the Midwest to raise funds. In addition, he traveled to Germany to present the needs of the poorest of Nepal to Rotary Clubs of Europe. The result….over 25 Rotary Clubs (the Bloomington Normal Rotary Club raised $10,000 towards this grant), 1 Kiwanis Club, 1 Lions Club and countless individuals partnered financially with Mahomet Rotary.

In March / April of 2011, Eric returned to Kathmandu to facilitate the training of all the teachers as part of the Matching Grant. Fund-raising has already begun for the next Matching Grant, which will be applied for in the 2012-13 Rotary year. Since July 2011, Eric has spoken at over 75 Rotary Clubs, schools, churches and organizations to raise support for the next Grant. And as of May 1, 2012, Mahomet has raised over $6,000 towards the next grant.

This $6,000 has come from various Rotary Clubs and jewelry sales. But we have also received $1,000 from a donation by a private individual (Non-Rotarian). A Paul Harris Fellow was presented to this individual for their donation. Most notably, $183 was collected by Kindergarten students from Booker T. Washington (BTW) School. These students decided to collect pennies for books after hearing Eric speak about the children of Tilganga School. In fact, the kindergarten students from BTW will be corresponding with the kindergarten students of Tilganga in the next years!

Get Involved and Contact Eric

If you would like more information about the Mahomet Rotary / Dillibazar Nepal Rotary or would like to contribute to the Nepal Project, please feel free to contact Eric at

Eric is an internationally requested motivational speaker and is available to come speak at your school, service group, church, Rotary Club or community group about the Nepal Project or any other motivational topic you desire.

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